Cincinnati, Ohio @ National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

“So if you see me over here bullying this little lady- what are you going to do about it? See, if we get involved, it expands. It gets bigger and bigger. All of the sudden we’ve got four kids all ganged up on a little girl. Why? We don’t quite know. We just get involved. Or on the other hand, we don’t do anything about it. We… You and I… we can’t let that happen. What if it was you? You’d feel pretty concerned wouldn’t you? You’ve got to be that concerned about freedom- it is not just about my individual freedom- it is about all of us being concerned… being concerned for one another. Freedom is very, very important. There’s seven billion people in the world today and there’s nobody like you. We’ve got to celebrate it. Cause you and I…here today we are talking about freedom.” Talking with a group of fifth graders at the Freedom Center.


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