Hardin, Tennessee


“I had a chow- one of those beautiful strawberry ones- until five years ago. I think someone had jabbed him with a stick when I was gone for the night. That’s something I don’t tolerate- people who treat humans and animals badly- I have no patience for ’em. That’s why I have a baseball bat on the back of my four wheeler. For people like that. But oh man- he was beautiful. And when he had to be put down- I just couldn’t do it. I had to call the neighbor. Ah that rascal- he was beautiful. That dog broke my heart. I couldn’t get another dog for three years. But then I got my Tip & Jack. They are my pride and joy. They’re my chiweenies (part Chihuahua and part wiener dog). I have a girlfriend down in Louisiana. We knew each other back in high school and just got connected again two months ago on the internet. We’re talking and selfie-ing all of the time. I don’t get much sleep any more. After seeing this trip, I’d like to take my four wheeler down there. Put the dogs in back and let the wind fly. I wish they allowed them on the highways.”



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