Moore’s Mill, Mississippi


“We’re moving away from this property to a little trailer my husband’s been working on. It’s got new linoleum floors, no mold like this one does, a fire place and we’ll have horses there. But I don’t want to leave.  This place is where my family always came- it has memories.  My family, they don’t come around like they used to.  After our mom died, we all stopped talking much.  I call, but everyone seems to have things going on, and they don’t pick up much anymore.  And my husband… He thinks he’s an old man.  But when I first met him- he was so good looking. Oh boy, he was. I called him my cowboy. He wore a hat, he rode horses every day, and boy could he sing. He played piano and guitar. He used to sing to me and write me songs. We were crazy about each other. He could have been big- everyone in his hometown talked about it. But then he started drinking- he’s a real good man. He’s just given up. “


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