Gainesville, Alabama


“I grew up here in Gainesville and am now the mayor. DId you know that they decided between making the big port at Gainesville or Chicago with just a coin toss back in the day? I think you know who won that one. We aren’t quite as big as Chicago (Gainesville has a population of 208), but we have a really good community. We have a lot of community gatherings. Why coming up on May Day, we are having our annual raising of the May Pole, food, vendors, music. It’s a really fun time. I’ll tell you, if I had a magic wand what I’d really like to do here in our community is to get some real infrastructure work done. In fact, something specific that I would just love to do is to get some wireless internet out here. DSL. For our children, our schools, and all of the residents out here- now that would be really something, but also something that would probably cost millions of dollars. We are just so small and isolated and spread out down here. Something else is jobs. I can provide some jobs through tax dollars at our city hall here. But that’s not very many. We also get most of our tax dollars through our local municipal waste facility here. It is a land fill and it is providing more and more jobs, but not enough. Lastly, we are the one of the oldest towns in Alabama.  We have the oldest bank in the state located here.  But many of the buildings are falling apart.  There is a woman in town who organizes a civil war reenactment and has renovated four of the plantation homes, but it would be great to be able to preserve all of the others. They hold a big piece of our history, but it costs a lot of money to renovate and maintain something like that.”  


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