Smyer Road near Vestavia, Alabama


“What were you doing taking pictures of our drilling operation back there?” After following me down the road in his pickup. “I do all of the machine work for the company. We are usually in a spot for two weeks or so at a time. To find oil, we send out some geologist guys and they do some tests and let us know where to dig down. If we own the mineral rights to the land, we just take the oil without the landowner’s permission. But if not, we’ve got to go through a whole negotiation and agreement with the landowner. If I had oil on my property, I’d probably drill it. But there are good things and bad things about everything.” What are some of the bad? “Like when gas sometimes gets choked up in our equipment. We have to stop the whole operation and close things down. If we didn’t, it would blow up. And I don’t know- having that on my property, that would be a bad thing. But you know- there are good and bad parts of every story.


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