Ezell’s Fish Camp near Linden, Alabama


“All of my family live around here aside from my sister who lives in Tuscaloosa. We know just about everyone. We meet each other in the grocery store, the gas station or at mama’s store. If we don’t know you, we’ll come talk to you to find out who you are.” She and her mama took me on a tour of Nenafalia. She showed me the traps her brother has put out so the beaver will stop building dams along the river and flooding their tree farms; pointed out the 600 acres of forestland they own and where they go to hunt deer, turkeys, squirrels, and wild boars; brought me to the family’s three fish camps they’ve built from cyprus out of the nearby swamp for hunting and family outings; her brother’s RV park and farm where 200 Mexican immigrants come to live each summer and work on the cotton farm; to the shed where they prepare the game meat; to her pontoon they have to use to get to the house when the river floods; the crawfish ponds where the crawfish feed on the bacteria and mites from old bales of hay they throw in; the place on the river where a resident alligator resides- “I want to kill him and make some meat out of him, but my brothers won’t let me”; the school she and her brothers and sisters all went to located across the driveway from her house; her home where they’ve lived all their lives; and to Ezell’s Fish Camp, the only restaurant within 30 miles.



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